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Roll-Up Info

The right address for roll-up banner print productions which you need for organizations such as presentations and meetings is TRiPOd Stand Solutions.

The roll-up products that are in use at store and showroom entrances, meeting halls, fairgrounds, product stands, supermarkets, seminars and meeting halls are the dispensable products that are made use of visual promotional materials.

With the roll-up products being possible to be used particularly in the outdoor space/environment, all advertising works are conducted and the best possible results are derived all the time. It may be the standard type wholly; besides, optional designs are possible. Vinyl print or paper print may be applied onto the roll-ups.

You won’t need any hand tool for installation, it may be installed in one minute and you will be able to promote efficiently.

The roll-up secured with a 2-year guarantee has a structure being installable and foldable and being possible to be in use for long years. If you wish, you can use it by only replacing the visuals.

The product made of aluminum being pretty light is preferable because of being easily transportable and rolls the print inwards by use of its automated system.

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