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November 2018


The right address for roll-up banner print productions which you need for organizations such as presentations and meetings is TRiPOd Stand Solutions. The roll-up products that are in use at store and showroom entrances, meeting halls, fairgrounds, product stands, supermarkets, seminars and meeting halls are the dispensable products that are made use of visual promotional materials. With the roll-up products being possible to be used particularly in the outdoor space/environment, all advertising works are conducted and the best possible results are derived all the time. It may be the standard type wholly; besides, optional designs are possible. Vinyl print or paper print may be applied onto the roll-ups. You won’t need any hand tool for installation, it may be installed in one minute and you will be able to promote efficiently. The roll-up secured with a 2-year guarantee has a structure being installable and foldable and being possible to be in use for long years. If you wish, you can use it by only replacing the visuals. The product made of aluminum being pretty light is preferable because of being easily transportable and rolls the print inwards by use of its automated system.

Quick Banner is the easiest poster holders being the most preferable and easy to install and the product is also called LBanner due to its mechanism in L form. Quick Banner is ideal for exhibitions and promotions in fair areas, malls and all indoor space organizations being flexible and movable. Quick Banner grasps its poster tightly with its special clamps without being stretching and you will not need a wall or panel to hang your poster by way of its group of equipment inside the bang transportable to all around. Quick Banner is a light and economical product and is being produced in many sizes. The printing material that has been used for the product is digital print vinyl (canvas) and the product material is aluminum. The quick banner that is installed using the manual system takes 45 seconds to install. Thanks to its foldable profiles and carrier bag, it can be transportable with ease with its spare parts accessible all the time.

Promotion stand is the type of stand that is in use for promotion and exhibiting samples. The names including promotion stand, tasting stand, panset stand, panset table may replace it. It is in frequently in use in supermarkets, malls, stores as the primary channels to get access to consumers. The promotion stand is in use practically and as dismounted.

We solve out this problem you have in the shortest possible time using the best proper method thanks to TRiPOd Stand Solutions! The spider stand offers a transportable diverse stand solution being produced out of aluminum profiles and thanks to its portable installation. It proves both ELEGANT and PRACTICAL in fairs, congresses, seminars, launchs held in store/selling points as well promotions in and out of the country and offers a remarkable view for promotions with its wide scope of application. Thanks to its advantages with the maintenance area, it offers a good alternative for organizations with storage difficulties on the logistics side and limited budget. Besides, we offer a hiring service as well. Our spider stand mechanisms are secured with a 6-year guarantee. You can get access to the stand prices, technical properties and order content by selecting any product from among the options given below: View the Products

The product is made up of aluminum and wooden parts. It is easy to get installed and does not require any other tools. The spider table which is easily transportable in its bag occupies minimum space. The upper table of the spider table which can be installed in 5 minutes is in white color and its weight approximates to 15 kg. As it leaves a large space for the product and logo items to get introduced from the front view, it is from among the preferable methods. It may be used as an alternative to the promotion stand. With its carrier bag containing wheels, it is easy to transport. Its sizes as installed Ground Clearance: 85 cm Width: 128 cm Depth: 40 cm Digital printing sizes for the media Height: 85 cm Width: 220 cm Front-View: 100 cm (Area Viewed from the Front)

It is the best proper promotion product to exhibit brochures in the indoor spaces such as fairs, banks, galleries and stores. Brochure holders are available in the form of Single and two-sided and it is easily transportable as being foldable. Since the foldable brochure holder is being produced in joint form, it does not require connecting. Its main body is being produced out of aluminum profiles. The foldable brochure holder makes exhibition of (A4 ve A3) brochures in various sizes possible. With the products out of which the brochure holders are produced being solid, it is possible to use it for long periods of time. Thanks to its portability, it occupies less space when being transported in the fair events and it has a carrying bag optionally.

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