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TRiPOd, which was founded in the year 2002 to render service to the companies that attend to events of fairs, conferences or that assume sponsorship, deals with stand solutions for its customers out of “event and sponsorship consultancy” at the time.  TRiPOd covers the needs of companies in various sectors with its portable stand solutions that it imports from abroad, the product exhibition stands which it designs and produces as special to customers and the architectural stands being from among the best quality products and solutions.


TRiPOd with a unique place in the sector as the company who has introduced many products such as moving roll-up, 5-meter portable flagpole, adjustable roll-up to Turkey for the first time, has some leading companies of Turkey among its references with its portable solutions with inclusion of spider stand, roll-up, table, brochure holder, aluminum products.

TRiPOd has added the products of its production to its production range starting from the year 2014 and has provided 100 % Uninterrupted Service Mentality for its customers by way of developing the concept of Spider Stand as based on 6 Year Guarantee. It provides alternative solutions of diverse materials including plexy, aluminum, metal, wood primarily through unique designs as appropriate for the demands and needs of its customers aiming fast consumption and retail sector within its product exhibition stands.


On the other hand, TRiPOd, which offers modular solutions or those special to the customer with the architectural stands renders service with its professional staff for services  of materials for hire, security, cleaning,  attendants etc. as your needs within the stand space.

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