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Quick (L) Banner Info

Quick Banner is the easiest poster holders being the most preferable and easy to install and the product is also called LBanner due to its mechanism in L form.

Quick Banner is ideal for exhibitions and promotions in fair areas, malls and all indoor space organizations being flexible and movable.

Quick Banner grasps its poster tightly with its special clamps without being stretching and you will not need a wall or panel to hang your poster by way of its group of equipment inside the bang transportable to all around.

Quick Banner is a light and economical product and is being produced in many sizes. The printing material that has been used for the product is digital print vinyl (canvas) and the product material is aluminum. The quick banner that is installed using the manual system takes 45 seconds to install.

Thanks to its foldable profiles and carrier bag, it can be transportable with ease with its spare parts accessible all the time.

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